How Do I Place An Order?

Simply add products to your cart, checkout and make your payment at PayPal. After submitting your order you are redirected to PayPal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can use a Guest login which is provided on the Paypal website when you submit your order.  The address information you provide during checkout is automatically transferred to PayPal. Funds are not taken from your credit card or PayPal account until we have authorised your order.

Why do we use Paypal?

We use Paypal to ensure safe and secure online payments.  For your security, we do not store your credit card details ourselves.  Paypal is a worldwide leader in online payments and is known to be very safe.


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Our cart system uses PayPal for transactions. PayPal do not accept transactions greater than $15,000 NZD for verified PayPal accounts. First time credit card transactions through PayPal are limited to $5000 NZD, thereafter strict limits apply until an account is verified. After making your first transaction a PayPal account is created for you. Verifying your PayPal account is extremely easy, click here for more information. If your subtotal exceeds your PayPal limit you could make multiple orders. For those in New Zealand, you can phone us on 06 8352235; we will arrange a means for you to make a single payment.


Do you provide a gift exchange service?

Customers may exchange goods in our store within 30 days of purchase. The receipt will need to be provided and the item(s) must be in their original packaging and condition.


How long can I expect for the manufacture of my order?

When ordering items to be handmade, you can expect a timeline of a few weeks depending on the labour involved and how busy we may be.  Some mounts, settings or gemstones may need to be sourced overseas, therefore extra time will need to be allowed.  Christmas times are our busiest times so allowing plenty of time ahead can assure you receive your completed item in time.  If you have a specific date that you need your order ready by, please let us know, and we will do our very best to get it to you in good time.


How do I care for my jewellery?

All jewellery requires care, even if they are made of the toughest metals and the hardest stones, no jewellery is indestructible.  Avoid wearing your jewellery during gardening, DIY, washing, housework and any other strenuous or sporting activities.  Some gemstones require more care than others such as Opals, Emeralds, and Pearls, your jeweller will be happy to advise you on how to care for these precious gems.

Cleaning your jewellery can be done using a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.  Some gemstones should not come in contact with heat or chemicals, again your jeweller should be able to advise you on this.  Pearls should only be cleaned using a soft cloth.  We do offer a free jewellery cleaning service in store for 1-3 small items, there will be a charge for cleaning large items or bulk jewellery.


Do you offer Lay-by or Interest-free Finance Options?

Yes we do.  These payment options are only provided for in store purchases.   Please contact our store for more information.


Do you do repairs?

Yes we do.  We do a vast range of repairs, we would need to see the item(s) to assess and quote what repair work needs to be done.

What forms of payment do you do?

In store we accept cash, online payments, credit card & eftpos.  We are now accepting Q Cards and Farmers Cards.  We do not however accept American Express or Diners Cards.  We are now providing interest free finance options as well, in store purchases only.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do, please enquire for shipping costs.